One in eight pregnant women suffer depression

Researchers say postnatal depression is widely discussed, but antenatal depression is as common, at a prevalence of between 12 and 18 percent, compared to between 13 and 19 percent for postnatal depression, according to international studies. Radio New Zealand News

K Waldie et al Depression symptoms during pregnancy: Evidence from Growing Up in New Zealand Journal of Affective Disorders 2105


Biomarker link found to postpartum depression

A group of researchers was able to identify associations between particular genes and the development of postpartum depression (PPD) that can help to identify those who have high risks and would need extra postpartum care. Tech Times

AF Bell et al (2015) Interaction between oxytocin receptor DNA methylation and genotype is associated with risk of postpartum depression in women without depression in pregnancy Frontiers in Genetics